Travel informations

Travel informations

Dakar is a major West African hub, so there are lots of flights coming from and going to Europe, North America and other African cities. Be prepared to arrive and leave at any time of the night or day — many flights come in at around 2 and leave at around 4 AM.

Cheap and safe and everywhere. All taxi fares are negotiated beforehand and will require bargaining. If you're not from Senegal, it is best to check with locals before to get an idea of what they pay, in order to know what you will be able to get. Make sure your taxi has the right change as well before departing. Leave tips when you feel the service was good.

Credit cards are accepted in larger establishments that cater for tourists. Commission is added for their use

Local laws and customs
Local laws reflect the fact that Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions so that they don’t offend others.

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